Deutsche Bank decline

Major financial catastrophe ahead for Europe, says German “expert”

Today on The Janssen Report: while chaos ensues in the world and big headlines about terrorism create fear, we must also look through the smoke and mirrors. Events are conveniently used by (central) bankers to rationalize their insane policies. These crazy policies of keeping interest rates close to zero (or even below) are maintained at all…

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Marco on Rethinking The Dollar 2016

Interview on RTD: Brexit, Currency Wars and the Impact on the Economy

On Rethinking The Dollar (RTD), Mike and I discuss that the impact of Brexit on the global economy will be limited. Rather than causing mayhem, the outcome of this referendum will likely be used by central bankers as an excuse for prolonged loose monetary policies. Also, Brexit can be blamed by politicians in the EU for…

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YT thumbnail TJR 135

BREXIT Camp Strikes Major Blow to EU, What and Who Is Next?

June 24th, 2016 can be referred to as an historic day: the British people voted to Leave the EU. However, Brexit is not entirely fact yet. This outcome of the – not legally binding – referendum is merely the beginning of a process that will require a number of years to complete. First step is…

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Breaking Down Free Trade Agreements – TTIP, TPP, CETA, TISA – and How They Are Reshaping Geopolitics in the World

I appeared on The Last American Vagabond with my friend Tim Bryant today discussing the massively deceptive “Free Trade Agreements” out there such as TTIP, TPP, CETA and TISA. We discuss what free trade agreements are, what the current deals are about and what the advantages are that are usually cited by politicians: The European…

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The Janssen Report YT thumb Nuit Debout

The Masses are Waking up, Nuit Debout Gatherings Spreading in Europe

Today on The Janssen Report: people are increasingly dissatisfied with the corruption and anti-social political decision-making in Europe. Nuit Debout is a new phenomenon that started in Paris on March 31st and is currently spreading to multiple countries (and numerous cities) in Europe. People gathering to discuss different topics on economics, politics and other matters…

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Tightening the global control grid: TTIP, TPP, CETA are corporatocracy in full swing

Today on The Janssen Report I come up with a simple model to show how corporatocracy comes full circle. The so-called free trade agreements such as TTIP, TPP and CETA are a global corporate take over in disguise and are nothing more than corporate-sponsored special interest legislation. I refer to an interesting video recorded by Luke Flanagan,…

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Defeat usury and financial destruction: introducing the Florin with Anthony Migchels

Today on The Janssen Report: power interview with Anthony Migchels of the Florin Foundation on how to solve the usury problem, that is, how to get rid of interest on money. Why is this such an important topic? Usury is at the heart of many of the problems mankind is facing today. I discuss this problem with…

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Gold and Silver Comeback to the Monetary Scene: beyond the Manipulation

Today on the Janssen Report: as mainstream economists continue to ignore the economic fundamentals and spread their fairytales of economic recovery, we are actually slipping further into the abyss of collapse. It must be obviously blatant by now that there is no economic recovery by any realistic measure. Gold and silver have it going on.…

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A Revolution in Parenting: Radical Unschooling and How to Truly Connect with your Children

Today on The Janssen Report: I am delighted to have with me on this Power Interview Dayna Martin, author, educator and activist in the area of parenting. Although the topic of radical unschooling may seem irrelevant for The Janssen Report at first, I feel that there is a big deal of conditioning going on that…

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Panama Papers: world leaders caught for tax evasion? Also: central banks adopting blockchain!

Today on The Janssen Report: international figureheads have been “caught cheating” as the so-called Panama Papers show. In what might turn out to be an enormous scandal, world leaders are named in a huge leak from Panama implicating them as tax evaders. I also address the recent announcement by several central banks that they are…

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